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gagner un harnais rotor

Plus d'informations
14 Fév 2020 17:30 #1736 par alex
c'est facile :

Brazilian Open Nationals

Tue, Dec 24 2019, 10:02:31 am EST
Last week of March

Nene Rotor <nenerotor> writes:

At the end of March, the Brazilian Hang Gliding Open Championship will be held in Pico Do Gavião between March 28th and April 4th. I would like to invite you and your friends to come and enjoy the competition.

It will be a rich championship with lots of raffles including a Rotor harness if the competition has 60 participating pilots and two Rotor harnesses if it has 100 pilots.

- 10,000.00 Brazilian Reals ($2,400 US) Award

- Opening and closing party with live band and food trucks

The city that will host this event is Águas da Prata, a small, beautiful and cozy city that is only 14 km from takeoff.

In this event, I will introduce a new category for beginner pilots with single surface gliders such as the Falcon, Malibu and others. The task for this category will be time accuracy and landing target.

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